Breaking the Rules: Quality Flare Denim is Essential

I have always been a bit rebellious, and I need a staple pair of flares in my closet at all times to keep up with my love for 70s and vintage inspired fashions (or whatever the heck it is I'm feeling at that moment). But finding quality denim that lasts, while fitting my tall, scrawny body, can be a rare find these days, especially at an affordable price. Past denim loves have let me down; like the time I purchased what I thought was a great find, only to have the jeans rip in the butt after its first wash (yup, and I wore it to the grocery store and an audition too, unknowingly of course, until I came home and looked in the mirror...oy!).

I love breaking the rules, especially when such rules are so silly as, "Tall girls can't wear flares." Um...yea, right! 

Old Navy's 6 latest styles of jeans are the answer to my denim prayers (and all for under $50), with an AMAZING pair of high-rise vintage flare jeans in TALL! HALLE-DENIM-LUJAH!  I feel fantastic in these jeans, and they're that perfect quality and fit I look for that makes good denim last. Check out what I look for in finding quality denim, and a few ways I like to style my vintage flares, depending on my mood or the occasion. 

Fit & Length

I sometimes have this irrational fear of childhood pasts coming back to haunt me, with only finding jeans that are too short for my legs and too baggy for my body, but Old Navy's flares don't let me down. With their 'built in sculpt' technology, the denim hugs in all of the right places and accentuates my best ASSets. ;) I know I'm skinny, but I have a short torso and naturally wide hip bones, and the high-rise waist makes my midsection look smaller (hello, hourglass figure!). I love that the flare opens below the knee, making my thighs look slim! Not to mention, my butt looks awesome and gives it that right amount of lift! 

I'm 5'9", with my legs taking up most of my body (my inseam is 33"), so I often find jeans come up a little short (no high-waters please!). So imagine my surprise when I learned that the 'Tall' inseam is 36 inches!! I don't think I have ever had a pair of jeans this long! The high-rise cut make my legs look like they go for on for miles!

Fabric & Comfort

I've had past jeans pill and destroyed after one wash. I don't have to worry about that with these, as they are the right amount of thick, without the stiffness. I've cleaned them a few times already, and I don't know how, but they look and feel even better with each wash (as any great pair of quality denim jeans should)! The Palm Springs color is great too; it gives them extra style and a vintage feel, always keeping me on trend.

Comfort is key for me so I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the fabric is due to the revamped, innovative 'super soft' technology, giving me the right amount of stretch for movement, without getting saggy. 


I can rock these flares from day to night and pair them up with almost anything: like this cute, bohemian short sleeve smocked tank, my 2 year old trusty hat, and 70s style block heels...perfect bohemian 70s outfit for a lunch date with my friends in Silverlake.

Chill and Casual

Most days, I like to keep it simple, with a hint of edge, like my love for all things rock and roll. If it's hot out, I'll throw on a tank or some sort of tee. For the cooler days or chilly evenings, I'll throw on one of my many (p)leather jackets or my Old Navy utility shacket. I like to keep it comfy yet stylish with shoes, most of the time wearing my white high top converse or ankle boots. If I'm feeling a little sexy, I'll wear my flare jeans with a crop or halter top. I love me a classic rock look!

Styling secret: If you are wearing flats and the length becomes a little too long and sloppy, pin up the jeans with some safety pins underneath by folding up around and under the bottom hem line, and voila! No tailor needed!

When feeling a little creative, I'll put on my classic chambray shirt, which I sometimes wear loosely (I love the half tucked in, messy look), or tied up around the upper waist,  for a little flirty twist (cue early 90s Mariah Carey flashback)!

Dress it Up

When going out on the town for drinks in LA, like Magnolia House in Pasadena, I like to take it up a notch and go bold. You've got to look good in this town. Sometimes I'll spice my denim flares up with a splash of color, such as yellow, and throw it in whenever possible: like my Kristin Cavallari D'Orsay pumps and leather Hobo shoulder bag, but any fun color will make these bad boys pop. I love to be daring with denim on denim, and pair my flares with a lighter colored Old Navy denim jacket.

Styling Secret: You can get away with wearing a darker wash on top, but contrast it with an oversize coat or jacket that is a lighter shade or color than both the top and bottoms. 

Tanesha Awasthi , Amanda Holstein  (Advice from a 20 Something) , Jeanne Chan  (Shop Sweet Things) , Myself, Marie Denee  (Curvy Fashionista)

Tanesha Awasthi, Amanda Holstein (Advice from a 20 Something), Jeanne Chan (Shop Sweet Things), Myself, Marie Denee (Curvy Fashionista)

I can't wait to get my hands on more denim from Old Navy...I've got my eye on those rockstar jeans next!

Shot by Sasha Sheldon and Kat Borchart . Make Up by Renee Loiz and the wonderful Collectively and Old Navy make up team.

Thank you Old Navy for collaborating with me and sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.