The New Naked Bra with Thirdlove

There's nothing sexier than feeling comfortable and confident in your own naked skin, and Thirdlove's New Nakeds collection does just that!

Thirdlove listened to their customers and spent the last two years bringing this collection to life, gatheing inspiration from their feedback. It was worth the wait, because these bras feel and look second skin!

The New Nakeds collection comes in 5 beautiful shades that complements every skin tone and 3 different styles (24/7 Classic T-shirt, full coverage, and push up), with underwear and HALF SIZES!!! Hallelujah! You are guaranteed to find a great fit! You can find your shade (or pick them all!) here.

I love that the new naked bras complement my shape and skin tone, making them all perfect choices for your wardrobe (my skin is closest to Naked-3, but I really love the deeper tones of Naked-4 for a nice pop of color). My favorite cut is the 24/7 classic T-Shirt bra, which goes with EVERYTHING! I feel so sexy and like I can take on my day wearing my Thirdlove bras and underwear!

What's even cooler is now you can find your perfect fit in a shade that complements your skin tone AND try Thirdlove's New Nakeds Collection free for 30 days, for a limited time -- just go to for this offer! Try it, wear it, and if you don't like it, return it! Pretty cool right?!

I love the subtlety of Thirdlove's new Naked-2 bra.

Getting dressed and moody in my Thirdlove Naked-3 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra.

I love showing a little color with Thirdlove's New Naked-4 bra under a dress or tank.

The best part? Waking up and feeling confident and sexy in my own skin with Thirdlove's New Nakeds collection.

Shot by Sasha Sheldon

Thank you to Thirdlove for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.