Desert Oasis


My best friend and I needed a much needed break out of Los Angeles. I love what I do, and where I live, but I can get a little burnt out in this town and sometimes need to get away for a little r&r. We both love the desert, and decided to make a quick, one day trip to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs (to attend the always cool, Rachel Zoe event). The property we stayed at via AirBnb, was insane (in the best way). There are acres of beautiful desert land, and the coolest retro trailers on the lot. We all shared the blue house, giving it a real sense of a hippy community, which was fun and different for me. Everyone I met, while staying there, was super friendly. The owner has quite the story too (Italian royalty?!)! The views were breathtaking, and I was entranced by the clear sky and vast array of stunning stars and constellations at night, reminding me how small we are in this universe. But I digress...this place is magical! We had such a blast shooting around the property, like this comfortable Band of Gypsies yellow wrap dress and adorable Cocobelle Papua gladiator sandals. I love the contrast of colors of the blue house to this yellow floral dress, giving it the perfect tropical, desert oasis-like feel. We even attempted to get up extra early to catch the sunrise, but we failed miserably, ha. I will definitely be back just so I can shoot more and enjoy more of this property! I absolutely had the best time here with my friend, giving us the little break we needed from our LA lives and a little bonding time. No 'chella for us! Sometimes you just need to get away. ;)


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Shot by Sasha Sheldon

Edited by: Your truly