Fear the Future: Up Front for St. Vincent


There is only one word to describe this concert: INCREDIBLE! St. Vincent's musicianship, performance, and talent are out of this world. The show took place at the historic Hollywood Palladium, which gave it a more intimately feel than the usual larger shows she plays. I got right up front for the show! There were in 3 parts to the show: starting off with the amazing duo, Tuck & Patti (her aunt and uncle!), who plucked and shredded the hell out of the guitar (it runs in the family!) and their storytelling. The audience (and myself) were captivated and in complete silence by Patti's story of poverty and helping those in need.

The 2nd part was all Annie, playing favorites from her previous albums, such as "Cruel," "Birth in Reverse," "Cheerleader," "Actor of Work." and more. It's just her and her guitar, which is all you need with presence like hers. No frills or unnecessary chitchat: just killer outfits, insane guitar solo shredding, powerful vocals, trance like video pop art, and good ol' fashioned rock and roll. I was entranced by the music and it all.

After a brief costume change, the 3rd part was of her new album, played in entirety. I wasn't as familiar with her latest album as I am with her previous ones, but I was hooked hearing it live, from the fun and manic, "Pills" to the beautiful, euphoric melody "Slow Disco." I can't wait until she comes back to LA, so I can see her perform again.