What Inspires You? With Splendid

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What Keeps Me Inspired?

It's hard to narrow it down to just one thing. As an actor, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, struggles, curiosities, and occurrences in my life. My inspiration varies from day to day. The contrasts of darkness and light of life, and all that's in between, sparks a fire within me. It inspires me to write, and to create stories with my photos. I'm inspired by nature, shapes and shadows, and the mysteries & vulnerabilities they create through imagery and storytelling. Acting, music & dance constantly inspire my creative spirit and the feelings inside me, with a need to express them. I'm uplifted by the places I travel to and unfamiliar foods to try. Pleasant smells. Trying new things. Stepping outside of my comfort zone. All of this gives me the drive to continue to be honest with myself and express my truth creatively and passionately, however that may be.

My clothes also inspire me to be free. It allows me another outlet to express myself. I've never been one to follow trends, and prefer to wear what fits my individuality, mood & personality. Splendid's latest inspires me to be comfortable in my own skin and relish in that freedom. I feel sexy, comfortable, and confident.

True to You with Splendid

Like my moody self, and the contrasts of dark & light, I love stripes or wearing black and white, like this stripe dress. I also love neutrals, for all of life that's in between, like these jersey beach pants & black jersey top or sandwash cross back dress. Sometimes, I wear color too, for those more joyous days and feelings, like this adorable floral print ruffle dress

As I've become more comfortable as a 30 something, the need for quality of life & quality wear has increased. Splendid never seems to go out of style, and the lightweight, breathable fabric is perfect for this LA heat too. My style is like my life, always changing and ever growing, with a little edge. I love dressing according to how I feel in the moment, which allows a lot of versatility & spontaneity.

I'm inspired by my mother, and her strong will to fight against her cancer and carry on with a heart warming smile. I'm inspired by other strong women & peers, especially women of color, who continue to strive despite any challenges that come their way. I'm inspired by my own obstacles, and the willpower to overcome them. 

Shot by Sasha Sheldon

Edited by Me