Diversity inclusivity: Making Changes


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Change is Uncomfortable, but Necessary.

Being a women of color (mixed race: African American & Caucasian) has presented it's own unique set of challenges and obstacles through out my life. From being called names, fetishized, been denied work and modeling opportunities because they "...already have one girl with my look," out of a sea of predominantly white women, struggling with advancement in career opportunities, and much more. But I am just one of many people of color and women who have faced difficulties. Still, many of us overcome and choose not to victimize ourselves, and use the problems we face to gain strength. We are living in a crucial time, where the systemic issues of racism and sexism within our country are bubbling to the surface. It is time for everyone to get uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable, but we cannot learn if we don't. Sure, we can go out and protest, but real change starts with conversation with one another, speaking out, and partaking in the community in various ways. 


Diversity Inclusion with Uber

Some companies and individuals are finally starting to acknowledge these issues and are making an effort and amends toward change and inclusivity. Uber has made major strides towards recognizing its problems and taking the appropriate steps towards changing their company and outlook. Moving Forward is their latest initiative: They're committing to improving relations with their drivers and creating inclusivity among people of color and women. They are taking initiative in offering more leadership career opportunities at the corporate level to minorities and women, and investing into local communities. Here are more resources to the steps Uber is taking towards a making better future:

Diversity and Inclusion

Women of Uber

On my end, I hope to use my influence to spark conversation, as well as participate more in my local communities. I want to volunteer more. I want to keep empowering my fellow women of color. I want to continue educating myself in these issues, so I can help to inform others who do not understand the change we need to seek. I am proud of my background and diversity. BE THE CHANGE.