A Sultry Malibu Summer


I'm naturally quite goofy, so it always takes me a minute to adjust and be sultry, especially at the beach. I can shoot sexy lingerie no problem, but for some reason, the beach is a whole other beast for me. I probably laughed for about 85% percent of this shoot and rolled around like an idiot. I gashed my knee too; good times. I'm also not used to showing off my bum, but I figure I should let loose and 'live a little,' while I've still got it! The photographer is also one of my best friends, so thankfully her presence helped to make me feel comfortable. We had a great time despite my awkwardness and us both being silly....sometimes those moments produce the best, authentic images! ;)

Speaking of sexy, this new bikini from Salty Mermaid is pretty bad ass and makes me feel pretty flirty too. I love the underwire support it gives, as I have a decent size chest, and the bottoms are fun, cheeky, and reversible. All of their swimsuits are pretty interchangeable too, which is awesome, as you know I love versatility. You can get this awesome bikini here


Thank you to Salty Mermaid for sponsoring this post.

Shot by Sasha Sheldon